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If you're a developer, or just a nerd that loves to know how things work, this section is for you. Here we'll explain how HubAI works under the hood.

The HubAI Brains (That's how we call AIs!)

HubAI Brains

At Hubai the user will not install an "AI", they will install a "Brain!". Each brain can have one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Conversation: Brains with this capability can have conversations with the user through text. The brain is capable of understanding the user input and generate a response (I.e: ChatGPT, Bard, etc.).
  • Voice Transcription: Brains with this capability can understand voice messages and generate a text transcription from it.
  • Voice Synthesis: Brains with this capability can generate voice messages from text.
  • Image Recognition (or vision): Brain with this capability can see images and generate content from it. For example, given an image input, the brain can describe the image, or answer any questions about it.
  • Image Generation: Brains with this capability can generate images from text, just like MidJourney or DALL-E.

We will implement many other capabilities in the future, so stay in touch!

How extensions can interact with the AIs?

When an extension is installed, it shouldn't care about which AI is installed on the user machine, it should just care if the user has a brain that has the capabilities that the extension needs to work. Let's use as example the image-creator extension. Since the main purpose of this extension is to generate image from text, it only needs a brain that has the "Image Generation" capability. It doesn't matter if the user has DALL-E, MidJourney or any other AI installed, the extension should work with any of them. (And the user will choose which one to use)

We don't recommend that you build a tool that only works with a specific AI, because this will limit the number of users that can use your tool, you should instead build a tool that works with any AI that has the capabilities that your tool needs to work.

How the HubAI Chat works?

The HubAI chat is much more than a simple "AI Chat". In fact, it is as complex as a chat app like WhatsApp or Telegram (ok not that much, but you understand me). Each brain that interacts on a chat it's an actually chat client that is sending and receiving messages from the HubAI Chat server (The server runs locally on your computer, we don't have access to your data). The HubAI server is responsible for sending the messages to the correct brain, and also for sending the messages from the brain to the user. This approach will allow us to implement many cool features in the future, like adding other users to the chat, and not just AIs.

Our chat input uses the monaco-editor (the same from vs-code) engine to provide a rich text editor that supports syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and many other cool features.

Nerd stuffs

How HubAI brains are loaded?

Every HubAI brain is a NodeJS application that runs on the user's computer. When the user installs a brain, HubAI will download the brain files and extract them to the correct folder. After that, HubAI will start to send the prompts to the brain, and the brain will start to send the responses to the user. It's that simple.

How HubAI extensions are loaded?

Since extensions are built for the front-end, we use a different approach to load it. When the user installs an extension, HubAI will download the extension files and extract them to the app data folder. After that, HubAI will load the extension using webpack's module federation. This approach allows us to load the extension without re-importing all the dependencies that the main app already has, making the extension to load much faster. It also allow us to load an extension without actually downloading it to the user machine.

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If you just installed HubAI, you may be wondering how to start using it. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started with HubAI.

First things first, when you open HubAI for the first time, you won't see any AI or extensions installed. You need to install at least one AI to start using HubAI. To do that, click on "Store" button, select a brain and install it.


We recommend that you start with the ChatGPT one, it has all the capabilities that HubAI supports at the moment and it's very easy to use.

To install the brain, just click on it then click on "Install". After that, restart your app and you're ready to go!

Chat GPT

After installing it, it's time to configure. Log in into your Open AI account or create one if you don't have it. After that, go to the API Key section of Open AI dashboard and copy your API key (or generate one if you still don't have).

Open AI Dashboard

After that, go back to HubAI and click on the brain settings button. Paste your API key and click on "Save". Then you're ready to go!

brain settings


In order to use all the features that Chat GPT brain has to offer (like gpt-4), we recommend you to buy at least $0.5 cents of credits on Open AI. You can do that here.

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Matheus Diniz

I'm very excited to announce the launch of HubAI, a new platform built for AIs. If your first thought is, "No, another AI platform!" let me assure you, HubAI is something else.

No one can deny the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. From the way we communicate to the way we work, AI has transformed our world. However, despite its widespread use, AI remains inaccessible to many. The complex nature of AI tools and the lack of a unified platform for AI interactions have created a barrier to entry for many users. In addition, the lack of a centralized platform has led to a fragmented ecosystem, where users are forced to navigate multiple websites and applications to access the tools they need. This lack of a unified platform has also hindered the development of AI tools, as developers are forced to create their own sites to host their tools (and that's not cheap!). This has led to a proliferation of AI tools, each with its own unique features and limitations.

I've created HubAI to solve this problem. HubAI allows users to use tools and interact with AI in a unified environment. It provides a centralized platform for AI interactions, allowing users to download and use AI tools from a single location (yes, we have a store for that!). And you know what is better? HubAI is, and will always be free and open-source.

HubAI With other AIs

For the developers yearning to forge tools that truly make a difference, our platform is your canvas. HubAI provides a centralized platform for developers, allowing them to host their tools on a single platform. Design your innovation without concerning yourself with user AI preferences. Publish your creation in our store, and we'll ensure it reaches the users it's meant to serve. Even more, if you have developed your own AI, you're welcome to integrate it within HubAI (we also have a store for AIs!), widening the horizons for a global community of users.

HubAI was created with scalability and adaptability in mind. Modularity is at the core of the platform, allowing for customization and enhancement through various extensions. Want to tweak the interface, add pioneering AIs, infuse new prompts, or re-imagine almost any aspect of the user experience? HubAI empowers you to do so.

Alright, enough talking, let's see some of the features that HubAI has to offer:

Key Features

Multi-Dimensional AI Conversations

Engage with AIs through Text, Voice, Images and More

HubAI has a complete chat interface that allows you to interact with AIs in a variety of ways. You can send text messages, voice messages, images, and more. HubAI also supports group chats, allowing you to engage with multiple AIs at the same time. (And very soon you'll be able to even add your friends to the group chats with AIs!)

Group Chats: A Confluence of AI Minds

HubAI elevates your AI interaction experience by introducing the concept of AI group chats. This feature allows you to simultaneously engage with multiple AIs in a single conversation, creating a dynamic and interactive environment. These AI entities can communicate not only with you but also with each other, leading to a fascinating interplay of artificial intelligence.

For instance, consider the group chat in the image below, The chat has two distinct AIs: ChatGPT and TestBrain, in this interactive scenario, I sent a voice message to the group chat. Demonstrating the seamless integration and collaborative functionality, TestBrain efficiently handled the voice transcription, while ChatGPT adeptly responded to the transcribed content (that's two AIs working together baby!).

This multifaceted interaction is further enhanced by the user-friendly interface of HubAI, which allows for effortless switching between different AIs within the group chat. Engage in a rich, multi-AI conversation and witness the synergy of different AI personalities and capabilities, all within HubAI's intuitive platform.

Group Chat

Prompt System

One of the most exciting features of HubAI is the ability to install custom prompts for your AIs. These prompts are designed to enhance your AI interactions by providing a unique conversational style, topic focus, or interactive functionality.

Dive into the HubAI store, where a diverse array of custom prompts awaits. Here, you can effortlessly browse and select from a wide range of user-created or official prompts, each designed to enhance and tailor your AI conversations. Once installed, these prompts transform your interactions, making each conversation with your AI not just unique but also deeply aligned with your individual needs and interests.

Prompt System

Gpt Prompt Pack Extension

Single Chat

For more focused interactions, engage in one-on-one chats with your chosen AI. These intimate exchanges are enriched by the AI’s ability to understand and respond to various input forms, like voice messages, ensuring a versatile and responsive communication experience.

You can also see your full chat history with the selected AI. Single Chat Your conversations are yours alone; we ensure complete encrypted local storage without any server-side data retention.

Powerful extension system and package store

HubAI has a powerful extension system that allows you to extend the platform in the way that you want. Expand your AI experience by installing new AI brains, prompts, themes, and more from the HubAI store. The possibilities are limitless.


Community Driven Innovation

Join a community where creativity meets technology. Our open extension store encourages users to design and publish their own extensions and AI brains. With comprehensive documentation and support, stepping into the world of AI development can be a breeze.

Transform your interaction with artificial intelligence today. Dive into the HubAI experience and unleash the full potential of AI at your fingertips.