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Free, open source and community-driven AI platform

Seamless Multi-AI Interaction

With HubAI, the future of AI chat is at your fingertips. Engage with multiple AIs simultaneously and toggle between them with ease. No matter which platform you're on - Windows, macOS, or Linux - HubAI provides a fluid experience that's tailored to your needs.

An Expanding Universe of Extensions

Unlock endless possibilities with our built-in package store. Browse, install, and interact with thousands of extensions and AIs (brains) crafted by our ever-growing community. From specialized prompts to innovative chat interfaces, discover something new every day.

Secure and Open-Source

Trust is our priority. HubAI is 100% open-source, granting you full access to inspect, modify, and adapt the source code to your preferences

Privacy First

Your privacy is paramount: all chats are encrypted and stored only on your device. We will never read or sell your data.

Theme and UI customization

Personalize your AI chat environment with HubAI’s theme system. Whether you're a fan of sleek dark modes, classic light interfaces, or something entirely unique, our community-driven themes ensure that you chat in style. Express yourself and even craft your own themes to share with the world!

Elevate Your AI Experience with Custom Prompt

Access thousands of AI prompts tailored to enhance your interaction and usability. Whether you're looking to refine your AI's responses, navigate specific topics, or explore new conversational avenues, our vast collection ensures a continually evolving and enriched chat experience.